The Institute of Neurobiology encourages students at all levels to get involved in research. Numerous opportunities are available to students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Undergraduates can receive research credits (1-3) under the BIOL 4990: Introduction to Research course offered by the Department of Biology, UPR Río Piedras Campus. Students from other institutions may also arrange to receive research credit from their college or university.

Master’s and Ph.D. students affiliated with the Basic Science departments of the UPR School of Medicine can carry out research at the Institute as part of their degree requirements. Graduate students in the Department of Biology Río Piedras Campus can participate in the University of Puerto Rico Intercampus Doctoral Program.

Students should explore several mechanisms for funding their investigation, including the Puerto Rico Center for Environmental Neuroscience (NSF CREST), the Undergraduate Mentoring Program in Neural Circuits and Behavior (NSF), and the MBRS Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) program of the UPR Medical Science Campus.