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Grant Support

1. If a URM student contributes to the work:  NSF DBI-0932955.

2. If your work uses the Pascal LSCM: NSF DBI 0115825 and DoD 52680- RT-ISP.  From 9.15.11 onward, also NIMHD MD007600 (RCMI).

3. If your work used the live-imaging system: DoD 52680-RT-ISP.    From 9.15.11 onward, also NIMHD MD007600 (RCMI) .     

4. Acknowledge NIMHD MD007600 (RCMI) if your study benefits from:

- supplies, space, technical support equipment, or fly strains maintained in the Neurogenetics facility.

- supplies, space, technical support, or equipment in the Molecular Neurobiology facility.

- distilled water or ice from Institute facilities.

5. If a RISE student contributes to the work: NIGMS MBRS R25 GM-061838.

6. If your work uses the JEOL Electron Microscope:  NSF DBI 0959225 and NIMHD MD007600 (RCMI).

7. If your study includes a CREST student or benefits from the Puerto Rico Center for Environmental Neuroscience: NSF HRD-1736019.

8. If you receive support from the COBRE Center for Neuroplasticity, acknowledge: NIH NIGMS GM103642.

9. If you used the Nikon A1R confocal microscope (Room 215), acknowledge NSF DBI-1337284, NIMHD MD007600 (RCMI), and NIGMS GM103642 (COBRE)

10. If your project benefits from the NSF Partnerships in Research and Education (PIRE) program Neural Mechanisms of Reward & Decision, acknowledge OISE 1545803.